Meet Bill Lickert, your Retiree Representative

My name is Bill Lickert and I have been appointed the Retiree Representative of the Western Pennsylvania Teamsters & Employers Pension Fund. In an attempt to avoid the Pension Fund from becoming insolvent, the Pension Fund’s Trustees have decided to initiate a process that could reduce the benefits of most retirees currently receiving a pension from the Pension Fund. The law that governs this process is called the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014.

That same law requires the Pension Fund Trustees to appoint a Retiree Representative, and I have been selected for that job. I am responsible for listening to your concerns and advocating on your behalf. Like many of you, I am receiving a pension from the Pension Fund and am concerned about what happens if my pension is cut. I pledge that I will listen to you, share developments as the process unfolds, and advocate on your behalf. We are in this together and can accomplish more standing united.

Please review the content on this website, particularly the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, which contains information about where the pension cut process stands currently. Don’t forget to check back periodically as that content will be updated as I become aware of developments that are worth sharing with you. And if you have questions, please check out the “Contact” page for information on how to get your question to me.

In solidarity, Bill Lickert.

Bill Lickert
Help our friends in Nashville by signing a petition in order to grant a hearing and help pass Senator Rob Portman's Pension Accountability Act.

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