Rally To Save Our Pensions!

On a pleasant Thursday in July, three busloads of retirees joined forces to represent Western Pennsylvania at a rally to save our pensions in Columbus, Ohio. The Joint Select Committee on Pensions held a field meeting at the Statehouse located in the center of the city, creating an ideal opportunity for us to get together and show there is strength in numbers. The crowd, which numbered 10,000, according to the Columbus Dispatch, was made up of Teamsters, Miners and Bakers Unions from across the country.

Together, we listened to several speakers representing dozens of labor unions, who took the stage to draw attention to the crisis. Repeated chants of “Fix it!” rang through the crowd as speakers urged them on. Retired union workers and those planning for retirement called on Congress to pass legislation that would pump hundreds of millions of dollars into struggling pension funds.


Rally Photos

Photos taken from the rally


Thanks to all who made this trip possible, including Teamsters Joint Council 40 for funding the buses and our bus monitors. Most of all, thanks to all of you who took action and made the trip with us. I appreciate your involvement and support.”

– Bill Lickert, Retiree Representative

More photos from the Rally:

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